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 Past Projects: Body Shops

Unique Auto Body
South Jordan, Utah

This 2021 project was a newly built expansion on the site of the existing shop constructed in 2005 (see "Oldies but Goodies" section). It is the first greenfield, factory-approved Mercedes collision repair facility in Utah.

Professional Automotive Equipment was contracted to install equipment supplied by USI of North America.

(Below) A 10' x 15' mix room is installed between the two booths, providing convenient access.

(Above) Two 30' x 14' booths were installed: one 9' tall and one 12' tall to accommodate high-profile vehicles.

(Above) View of canopy with motorized curtains down in all six work bays. Note ductwork.

(Below) Under side of canopy with six well-lit work bays.

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(Above) Motorized curtains separate each work bay, with convenient access to booths across wide corridor.

(Above) Canopy/curtain design allows for flexible use of workspace.
(Below) View of drive-through booth with control panel. Not pictured: Two heated air make-up units provide air movement.

Gaylon's Auto Body
Rupert, Idaho


This second generation business undertook a major makeover in 2013.

(Below) A Mattei energy-saving air compressor with built-in air dryer and special horizontal 90-gallon tank was placed in a sound enclosure to minimize noise. Attention to details makes this an extraordinary shop.

(Below) A Kayco custom Medallion downdraft booth 30' X 14'X 9' is extra long to accommodate trucks. The waterborne drying apparatus was provided by the owner's paint supplier.

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(Below) A narrow lot and building required space-saving measures, such as sharing a door between the mix room and booth.

(Above) The customer can adjust temperatures, times and booth pressure by means of the energy-saving variable frequency drive contained in the control panel.

An outside shot of the booth showing the Absoluteaire heated air make-up system with generously sized ducts, along with the dry chem fire suppression system.

Roses Auto Body
Salt Lake City, Utah

This shop remodel, completed in early 2012, was performed on a budget through a cooperative effort between customer and supplier.

(Above) The customer supplied and self-installed this 24'x 14' x 9' paint booth.

(Below) The AMU control panel includes a variable frequency pressure control for energy efficiency.

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(Above) We supplied and installed a new Bananza B1000 air make-up system with outdoor rain hood. It was roof mounted to save space.

(Below) A view of the interior ductwork routed to the outside AMU.

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