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 Past Projects: Commercial/Industrial Shops
Bullfrog Spas
Herriman, Utah

On the cusp of the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, this manufacturer took occupancy of its newly built facility. One of the largest equipment installations ever undertaken by Professional Automotive Equipment, it required more than four months to complete. The Kayco spray booths, Rammstein heaters and Goff's doors arrived on 14 semi trucks.

(Below) A side view of one of four oven/booth combinations. Each tub first enters the pre-heating oven, served by a top-mounted Rammstein heated air makeup unit.

At this plant, a virtually indestructible, environmentally-friendly fiberglass substitute is appllied to the bottom of each tub by robotic spraying equipment. Below is a view of a tub coming out of the pre-heating oven into the spray booth. A turntable in the booth floor facilitates even spraying to all tub surfaces.

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(Below) A view of two combo booths side by side. High speed Goff's roll-up doors were installed at all entries and exits, with additional doors separating the preheating ovens from the spray booths.

(Above) To heat the spray area, larger Rammstein air makeup units were installed on top of each Kayco paint booth. Note the massive ductwork required to reach through the building's 42' roof.

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(Above) A view of the electrical panels needed to run complex robotics and equipment.

Boart Longyear
Salt Lake City, Utah

This global mineral exploration company is headquartered in Salt Lake City. Installed in 2017, the paint booth is used for drilling rigs and other equipment.

(Below) The Rammstein heated air make-up system features single point manual controls for spray and baking operations. Energy-saving features include variable frequency drive pressure control and recirculation of heated air during bake cycle.

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(Above) Inside shot of the Sprayline Semi-Downdraft booth, 42' L x 16' W x 14' H with extra large doors to accommodate drilling rigs.

(Below) Exterior view of the fire system, man door and conveniently located control panel.

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(Below) Having a second man door on the opposite side of the booth adds convenience and enhances work flow.

(Below) This custom Macair air dryer comes with factory pre-built and installed pre- and post-filtration. Special order extends warranty from two to five years.

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Double L Global
Heyburn, Idaho

This company (also known as Apache River) manufactures potato harvesting equipment for customers worldwide. Construction on its new location in Idaho's fast-growing Mini-Cassia area was completed in November 2012.

Pictured below is the suite of controls for the blast booth and dust collection system, featuring an interlock between the airborne dust collection, media recovery, carbon monoxide monitoring, and fire suppression systems.

(Below) The booth's Bananza heated air make-up system controls utilize an energy-saving variable frequency drive to modulate booth pressure and control exhaust fan speed in spray and bake modes.

With 60,000 sq. feet of clear space and many processes, the factory must deal with worker comfort and safety.
(Right) Heat is provided by three Thermo-cycler units. These de-stratify air and maintain a comfortable temperature at working level. "Waste heat" at ceiling height is consumed before heating fuel is used. Atop each heater, a Thermo-mixer mixes incoming cold make-up air with warmer shop air to eliminate cold spots.
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First stop is the Sprayline blasting booth, a huge 44 x 26 x 15 ft to accommodate large equipment. In the corners, note the Envirosystems Air Walls. These collect airborne dust generated by blasting operations and have automatic filter air purging to ensure ongoing filter efficiency.

Other items visible in the above photo enlargement are generous lighting, neoprene lining to the 7-foot level, the grated in-floor recovery trench, and personal safety equipment, including fresh air breathing hood and air conditioned suit.

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(Above) The compressor room houses a 240 gal vertical storage tank and two stacked Mattei 20 hp rotary vane air compressors, along with a BEKO refrigerated air dryer. Air for the blast booth is supplied by the customer's existing compressor, with a separate BEKO dryer.

The all copper Pro Press air line system was custom designed with individual component bypasses for ease of maintenance with no air flow interruption.

(Below) From the trench in the booth, used media travels along an in-floor conveyor to the Clemco media recovery system, which incorporates a bucket elevator and cyclonic media separator.

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(Below) Items to be painted go directly from the blast booth to the well-lit
Sprayline paint booth. An oversized paint mix room accommodates large drums of paint.

(Below) As a safety feature, the owner specified that the paint booth door be built the same size as the building's overhead doors through which large equipment must enter and exit.

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(Above) The welding area comprises approximately 20% of the space. Four
Clark Air Revolvers ensure a clean working environment by capturing dust and welding smoke, in compliance with the EPA's "6X" rule. After filtration, these energy-efficient units return heated air to the shop rather than venting to the outside.

Baer Welding
Providence, Utah

In March 2015, this fabricator of architectural weldments expanded its operation and added a paint booth with heat, thereby boosting capacity and productivity.
(Below) A used AFC crossdraft booth 16' W X 14' H X 36' L includes a product support beam structure with two chain falls.

(Right) The new air make-up system, including bank of prefilters, was installed outdoors. Despite frigid winter temperatures in Cache Valley, double-wall insulated 48" duct ensures abundant supply of pre-warmed air for both spray and bake cycles.

Above, the control panel features dual energy-saving VFDs to control pressure in spray mode and reduce air volume in bake mode.

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Overhead Door of Utah Valley
Orem, Utah

This company builds custom overhead doors with finishes to match various architectural styles. A complete booth refurbishing project was completed in 2015.

The height of the entire booth was increased by one foot to accommodate large doors such as the one at right.
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(Above) A view of the booth interior with huge doors being painted also shows new lights intalled. Other enhancements are upgraded ducting and fire suppression system.

This control panel was custom built in-house. It incorporates a variable frequency drive and shut-down timer to reduce air flow during drying and economize on energy use.

(Below) One of two air inlet motorized shutters. These are interlocked with the booth to admit outside air into the building during booth operation.

Coca Cola Vending Refurbishing Shop
Draper, Utah

In June 2014, the originally installed Eurovac dust collection system (previous project below) was replaced with a larger, more efficient system.

This powerful new turbine (above) was placed outdoors, reducing noise in the shop.
Below, a shot of the shop.
Dust is stopped right where technicians are sanding or grinding, for a dust-free environment.
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The easy-to use control panel. (below)

Hoses connect to drops--two of many pictured here--and attachments fit virtually all brands of tools.

Komatsu Equipment
Salt Lake City, Utah

The company's new location was completed in October 2010 and is the flagship store for the central U.S. The facility offers sales, rental and service of construction and mining equipment.

Pictured below, the main service shop accommodates work on all sizes of larger equipment.

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Pictured below is a Rely-On open face industrial paint booth located in the adjacent rebuild shop, where smaller components and parts are repaired.

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Painting big equipment requires a big paint booth, in this case a Rohner unit 60'L x 28'W x 28'H, pictured above with its exhaust plenum and filters. Some 80 T-8 energy efficient flourescent fixtures were needed to light the booth.

(Above) Adjacent to the mix room, the control panel allows for programming of spray and cure cycles. Variable frequency drives on intake and exhaust blowers minimize energy consumption and help balance pressure as filters load up.

(Above) More energy savings are achieved in the compressor room, with two Mattei rotary vane compressors--a 40 HP AC30, plus an auxiliary 40 HP Optima 30 with variable output.
(Below) At the other end of the booth, a 22' X 22' rollup door serves double duty as an outdoor access and booth entry/exit.

(Below) The attached mix room with man door access features a custom-built workbench.

(Below) The compressor room also features a Bel Air air dryer, crisply installed copper air lines and 500 gal storage tank.

Young Electric Sign Company
Salt Lake City, Utah

In June 2009, YESCO moved to its 104,000 square-foot building on Gramercy Road, leaving its former location of 60 years. The newly constructed facility, designed for lean manufacturing, incorporates state-of-the-art equipment and air flow technologies.

(Below) The new Spray Tech letters booth is 30'H x 14'W x 9'H and leads into the attached mix room.

Items not pictured are a second, free-standing mix room and three Energy Saver Coolcell evaporative coolers on the booths' intake ducts, which provide summertime temperature control for painting.

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(Above) This clean and quiet compressor room houses two Mattei rotary vane units, a 400 gallon storage tank and a Belair air dryer. The 40 hp Optima with variable speed/variable output provides the main air supply for the entire factory. A 25 hp back-up or "finish" compressor stands in ready reserve, for a huge total air capacity when needed.

New equipment included this Spray Tech/Mercury truck booth, 40'L x 16'W x 18'H. Note the bright T-8 energy-efficient fluorescent lights and in-floor pit for true downdraft air flow. The booth incorporates the overhead beam for transport of signs along the paint line.

(Above) The outside of the 40' booth, with transport beam.

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(Below) By popular demand, Spray Tech's man-door now includes a full-length glass panel. Note the tidy fire suppression system installation.

(Below) A Binks booth from the former location was moved and remodeled, so all three booths now have downdraft technology. Maximum energy efficiency is made possible by Variable Frequency Drives. 80% of heated air is recirculated during the cure cycle.

(Below) Spray Tech's new streamlined control panel--on all three booths--combines all-digital technology with an intuitive user interface.

(Left) Enlarge this photo to see two of the facility's most critical elements. Five Thermo-Cycler heaters are installed around the building's perimeter to capture and heat cold air that comes in through loading doors. They collect "waste" heat trapped at the ceiling of this 39' tall building before using purchased heat, then quietly rotate heated air to floor-level areas for worker comfort.

Mounted in the ceiling are two of three installed Thermo Mixers, which are not heaters. These determine how much outside air (up to 10,000 CFM each) is brought in and mixed with the building's warm air to replace exhausted air. In combination with Thermo-Cyclers, this system saves the end user up to 50% of the energy that would be consumed by using traditional methods of heating and air turnover.

Clearfield, Utah

This Utah company founded in 1964 is a fabricator of structural steel requiring an architectural finish.
On this project, Tech steel provided steel components and some of the labor to assist with installation.
(Right) A used Spray Systems booth 16'H x 25'W x 49'L features Goff's curtain walls on the front and one side for flexibility and ease of moving materials in and out of the spray area. The twin ducts exhaust filtered air from two fans.

(Below) A custom built control panel includes option to shut down one fan during drying to save energy.

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(Below) Lighting was upgraded with 28 light fixtures with T8 ballasts and bulbs.

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Mud Buddy Manufacturing
West Jordan, Utah

A 2013 project separated paint operations from other processes and increased this manufacturer's production capacity.
The existing building was expanded, and an open face industrial booth was moved to a new location in the shop. A second used open face booth 13' W x 7' H was purchased.

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(Above) These outboard motors get a hand-painted, multi-stage camouflage finish. Mud Buddy supplies motors to boat sellers nationwide, including Excel Boats, their affiliate company that builds fishing and duck hunting boats (see past project below).

Copper Mountain Fab, LLC
(now Westech Manufacturing)

West Jordan, Utah

This 2011 project was a collaboration among Sherwin Williams Chemical Coatings, Rohner Mechanical, Professional Automotive Equipment and the customer's subcontractors.

(Above) Exhaust end of the Rohner crossdraft booth, 40' L x 12' W x 10' H. Note the roof slot that accommodates the shop's bridge crane.
(Below) The new paint area is the final stop in the shop's metal fabrication and sandblasting operations.
(Below) The 11 foot wide barn doors provide easy access for large items going into the booth.

(Below) Ductwork was offset from the air make-up unit to comply with the building code's requirement that ducts be set back 30' from the property line.

Mountain Cabinetry
Heber City, Utah

This February 2010 project was made possible by supplying a used DeVilbiss booth that met the customer's budget requirements.

(Below) While many cabinet shops opt for open face booths, this customer upgraded to a filter door booth to keep sawdust out of paint jobs.

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(Above) Inside of the booth, 12' L x 13' W x 8' H. Future plans call for a comfort heating air make-up system.
(Below) The externally mounted fan minimizes noise in the paint shop.
(Below) The alternative method of ducting out the side of the building avoided steeply pitched rafters while extending the required 6 ft above the roof.

(Below) Roof-mounted snow guards and a cricket protect the ductwork from sliding snow.

Young Electric Sign Company
St George, Utah

Completed in May 2008, YESCO's new electric sign manufacturing plant replaced an existing facility serving its Las Vegas operation.

(Above) Two Mattei 515L 20 HP rotary vane air compressors in a stacked configuration supply the air for the entire factory.

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With limited space, this installation was like building a ship in a bottle. In the above photo, the booth on the left is a used booth 60'L X 16'W X 16'H. It was upgraded with new Spray Tech variable frequency drive, dual exhaust fans and a new Mercury heated air make-up system with cure cycle.

The middle booth is a new Kayco downdraft booth with a new Spray Tech mix room behind it that provides access to all three booths. The Mercury air make-up on top of this booth actually heats the 60' X 16' X 18' Spray Tech booth on the right. That booth is surrounded by a steel cage that supports the I beam hanging the length of the ceiling inside the booth.

All three booths have Energy Saver Coolcell evaporative coolers on the intake ducts.
Pictured below is the inside of the Spray Tech booth, a pressurized cross-draft with cure cycle. Note the yellow chain hoists on the overhead beam for supporting billboard-sized signs. The hoists are electrically locked out with the booth controls during the spray cycle. Product doors are custom-made to ceiling height with a notch-out for the I beam.

(Below) Inside of the Kayco downdraft booth, sign lettering is painted on stands. The double-wide pit grating and full-filtered ceiling provide optimum air flow. Horizontal side wall lights prevent the painter's body from blocking light.

Excel Boats
Mountain View, Arkansas

Located at the foot of the Ozarks, the company makes fishing and duck hunting boats. The previous facility, destroyed by a tornado, was replaced with this newly constructed factory in 2009.

The president of Excel also owns Mud Buddy Motors of West Jordan, Utah, which is the motor supplier for Excel.

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(Above) Two roof-mounted Bananza air make-up units provide 2 million BTUs each for fast curing of paint jobs. There is an impressive array of ductwork to handle air flows.
The project featured two Rely-On closed-top, open-faced industrial spray booths in an end-to-end configuration. (Below) An overhead rail, which extends through the entire factory, has a "Y" connector at the entrance to the first booth, allowing two rows of small boats or one long boat to be run through the paint area.

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An installation crew from Rely-On Spray Booths teamed up with us on the project. (Below) Careful placement of ducts was required to work around support beams.

(Above) A versatile and well-lit workspace is created inside the booth.

(Below) Booth ends and a staging area between the two booths are enclosed by curtain walls.

Before being painted, aluminum boats must be acid washed, so a drainage system was designed. In the photo below, note the Goff's Curtain Walls and Rubber Form bumpers that prevent acid from reaching other work areas.

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Ace Fab and Welding
Ogden, Utah

In its beautiful new building, this manufacturer makes rollback dumpsters of all sizes.
The project included a used Spray Systems semi-downdraft paint booth. An Infratech infrared curing system allows pre-heating of the metal before painting and curing cycles.

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The custom 12-foot high door allows the user to drive dumpsters into the booth with a forklift.

Coca Cola Vending Refurbishing Shop
Draper, Utah

This shop needed to solve a dust problem in the painting environment.
The Eurovac shop vacuum system is a great solution. The console (right) occupies little shop space. We removed the door to the cabinet so it wouldn't look like a juice vending machine. The powerful turbine (below) sucks dust into the filtration and storage receptacle. Dust is stopped at its source, where technicians are sanding or grinding (below right). Attachments fit virtually all brands of tools.

Auto Craft
Salt Lake City, Utah

The owner of this fabricating shop is shown here with a staff member. The company paints automotive bumpers and does custom finishing of golf drivers.

(Above) Refurbished in 2005, this is a 15-year-old DeVilbiss car paint booth, with generous new lighting added. (Below) Notice the plenum of the "booster" heater mounted on top of the booth. See where the plenum connets with the custom door scoops to direct superheated air into the booth.

(Above) The refurbished workspace provides plenty of room to move around while refinishing bumpers.

Geffs Manufacturing
Pocatello, Idaho

The owner of this manufacturing operation relocated the business into former warehouse space built during WWII.

Geffs makes rock chip spreaders for freeway construction and resurfacing. The project required a booth big enough to allow equipment to drive in. (Above, below and right) We supplied a refurbished truck booth 20'W x 18'H x 55'L.

Two Atlas Copco rotary screw compressors provide enough air for the shop.

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