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 Past Projects: Custom & Restoration Shops
Customs & Classics
Murray, Utah

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In late 2002 this restoration shop underwent a complete remodel and expansion. Every space is used effectively, and the new look harmonizes with the classic cars the shop restores.
The first Color-Cure paint booth was installed here. Features include a complete basement for air filtration, flush-mounted so a car dolly can roll into the booth, and a direct access door from the mix room.

Inside the Color-Cure booth. Notice the 17 four-tube lights--standard equipment.

The "Super Cure" control panel and dry chemical fire suppression system for the booth.

Two compressors--one Ingersol Rand and one Curtis--were located outdoors to conserve shop space and minimize noise and heat buildup.

Yes, we do refrigerated air dryers and filters. Makes a great stand for the customer-provided stereo!

Kindig-it Design
Salt Lake City, Utah

This shop specializes in custom hot rods, from concept to completion.

(Below) Generous lighting, a full-filtered floor and custom observation window enhance this user-friendly booth.

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(Above) As part of a March 2008 upgrade, a heated downdraft Spray Tech booth and cutting-edge Mercury air make-up unit were installed. Dual variable frequency drives save energy in both spray and bake cycles.

(Below) A Spray Tech mix room rounds out the installation.

(Below) Corner-mounted Junair Qads improve dry-cycle air flow on today's paint jobs and ensure this booth's readiness for waterborne paints.

Showcase Rods & Customs
Salt Lake City, Utah

In order to turn out custom quality paint jobs, a used crossdraft Colmet booth was converted to a semi-downdraft configuration during its 2008 installation.
Extra lights were added during the booth conversion.

(Above) The project included a new intake plenum and space-saving rooftop mounted air make-up system. A new variable frequency drive controls pressure in spray and bake modes and conserves energy.

TK Customs
West Valley City, Utah

This painter of custom cars, boats and other items made good use of limited space by heating the newly installed booth with a roof-mounted make-up air unit.
An interior shot of the used crossdraft Goldenwest paint booth installed in April 2008 also shows off a recently completed restoration job.

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Note the control panel with a new variable frequency drive that balances booth pressure with air pressure in the building.

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