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 Past Projects: Custom & Restoration Shops
Customs & Classics
Murray, Utah

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In late 2002 this restoration shop underwent a complete remodel and expansion. Every space is used effectively, and the new look harmonizes with the classic cars the shop restores.
The first Color-Cure paint booth was installed here. Features include a complete basement for air filtration, flush-mounted so a car dolly can roll into the booth, and a direct access door from the mix room.

Inside the Color-Cure booth. Notice the 17 four-tube lights--standard equipment.

The "Super Cure" control panel and dry chemical fire suppression system for the booth.

Two compressors--one Ingersol Rand and one Curtis--were located outdoors to conserve shop space and minimize noise and heat buildup.

Yes, we do refrigerated air dryers and filters. Makes a great stand for the customer-provided stereo!

Kindig-it Design
Salt Lake City, Utah

This shop specializes in custom hot rods, from concept to completion.

(Below) Generous lighting, a full-filtered floor and custom observation window enhance this user-friendly booth.

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(Above) As part of a March 2008 upgrade, a heated downdraft Spray Tech booth and cutting-edge Mercury air make-up unit were installed. Dual variable frequency drives save energy in both spray and bake cycles.

(Below) A Spray Tech mix room rounds out the installation.

(Below) Corner-mounted Junair Qads improve dry-cycle air flow on today's paint jobs and ensure this booth's readiness for waterborne paints.

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