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 Past Projects: Fleet Shops

UTA Front Runner Terminal
Salt Lake City, Utah

How do you paint a train? Yes, trains need repairs, too, but getting the painting permits and passing UTA's internal safety requirements was no easy task. Group discussion and consensus resulted in this custom-designed, code compliant solution.
When is a paint booth not a paint booth? When it's a Mobile Limited Finish Work Station. A combination of three Freedom RV mobile carbon prep stations allow the user to deploy the units anywhere they're needed. The entire side of a train car can be painted in three sections.

With carbon filter technology, there's no venting to the outside environment, and no heating costs.

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A custom dry chemical fire suppresion system has special flexible links that allow any two or three units to be used together. It is powered by lithium batteries with a ten-year life. Overall, the equipment is economical and simple to use and maintain.

BYU Transportation Department
Provo, Utah

This paint shop upgrade was completed in 2009. The school's master plan did not allow for any new shop construction, so this insulated custom booth makes maximum use of an existing concrete bunker.

(Below) The insulated booth cabin made by Masnek Industries is 33' L X 14' W X 13' H. It accommodates all sizes of vehicles in the university's fleet, plus a variety of equipment and furniture.

(Below) A Cookson insulated coiling door does double duty as the exterior building door and paint booth entry.

(Above) Roof-mounted ductwork for the Spraytech/Mercury air make-up system. Equipment manufactured by four companies was used to customize this challenging but very functional installation.
(Below) The control panel with variable frequency drive provides energy efficiency and gives the operator complete control of paint dry times and booth pressure.

Davis County School District Bus Garage
Clearfield, Utah

The bus garage is located at the Freeport Center, offsite from the district's Farmington offices.

This multi-stage installation of a Mohawk/Stenhoj tandem moveable piston bus lift was a cooperative effort with Phipps Construction. A high degree of precision was required to ensure that the concrete trenches that encase the lift are perfect.

(Right) The panel with pendant control has two sets of up/down buttons and a third set to operate the fore/aft travel of the moveable front piston.
Unlike traditional in-floor lifts, the pistons of this unit never come into contact with soil, eliminating the threat of environmental contamination. The shop floor can be washed down without fear of causing corrosion. Should parts ever need replacing, no costly excavation will be needed.

The spotting ram enables the mechanic to adjust the wheel base hydraulically. He never needs to get on his knees to check lifting points or move the front piston.

Three high-pressure, low-volume electro-hydraulic pumps power the lift (one for each piston and one for the spotting ram). They require just three gallons of oil per pump for a total of a mere nine gallons. Traditional in-floor lifts require up to 50 gallons of oil, making this lift a real environmental boon.

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(Above) Note the galvanized sliding link plate that runs the full length of the trench and moves with the front piston.

Salt Lake City Airport Authority
Salt Lake City, Utah

The airport has a variety of vehicles in its fleet and wanted to conserve shop space when no vehicle was in the bay.
A flush-mounted OMER 75,000-pound capacity parallelogram lift is the perfect solution. This unit will lift this bus or a fire truck with the foam tanks filled. A closer look at the mechanism appears at right.

Box Elder School District Bus Garage
Brigham City, Utah

The district has a new shop and recently purchased its second set of versatile Sefac moveable column lifts.
This type of lift is now available in four different brands, and we even offer a frame-engaging column. Columns can be ordered in sets of two, four or six.

Stands can be placed under the bus, allowing the columns to be moved for lifting a bus in another bay.

Utah Transit Authority
Salt Lake City, Utah

Like many fleet shops, space is at a premium because vehicles serviced are large.
This customer owns two OMER 55,000-pound capacity lifts, which can pick up anything UTA uses.

A torsion bar mechanism keeps runways equalized.

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