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Gus Paulos Chevrolet
Bedliner Shop

West Valley City, Utah

Completed in summer 2005, this addition to the existing dealer body shop provides a safe environment for application of truck bedliner material.

(Right) The sides are enclosed with Goff's curtain walls treated with a washable "slime" coating. Note the unique curtain cut-out that demarcates the cab from the bed.
(Below) The bedliner booth features a filtered Kayco Double Exhaust Riser. Two light fixtures are angled to illuminate the work area. The custom overhead canopy has three sets of intake filters positioned at the outer edge. These direct air flow across the spraying area in a "semi downdraft" configuration.

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(Above) The curtain in use. The Bed Liner Booth accommodates the coating of two trucks at the same time. The "strip" door in the center allows entry and exit without disturbing curtain walls.
(Below) There is plenty of room to move around the truck in the spraying area, even with the tailgate down.

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