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 Past Projects: Homes and Hobby Shops

Private Residence
Sandy, Utah

For the serious car racer, there's never enough garage space. This Atlas two-post, clear-floor 9000 lb. capacity lift is the perfect solution to allow the owner to maintain and store his cars. With careful arrangement, three cars can now fit where there was previously only space for one.

(Above) The clear-floor lift requires a ceiling tall enough to accommodate the overhead beam. The owner engaged a contractor to raise his garage roof. In addition, LED lighting was added to provide all-around brightness. These changes extended the time required for the project, but were worth the trouble.

Private Residence
West Haven, Utah

This home-based enthusiast has a work shop many professionals would envy.

The peaked roof of this garage easily accommodates the height of a two-post lift and allows comfortable undercar access for the user.

The Atlas two-post 10,000 lb capacity lift with overhead beam rquires a minimal footprint on the garage floor.

Private Residence
Kaysville, Utah

Like an ever-increasing number of homeowners, this customer needed more space for his many cars. He built a second garage and can now park one car above the other.

(Below) This Atlas Garage Pro 8000 4-post lift works on 110V power and has an 8000 lb capacity. It can be bolted down or left on rollers to facilitate moving when the floor needs cleaning.

This style lift is designed to fit in home garages and can be installed by the owner. However, most customers agree it's less painful to leave it to professionals.

Private Residence
Sandy, Utah

An avid Porsche enthusiast, PCA member and track driver, this owner needed more storage space for his multiple cars.

(Below) A Tuxedo Model FP8K four-post 8000 lb. capacity lift makes for easy loading of Porsches, Corvettes and other low-slung cars.

The lift can be set at comfortable working height. An included jacking beam can raise a vehicle off the runways for easy tire changes or limited service.

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