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 Past Projects: Oldies But Goodies
 Body shops built 10 or more years ago and still going strong

Jerry Seiner Chevrolet Body Shop
Salt Lake City, Utah

Our second complete high-tech paint shop installation in 1990 included some custom work.
We designed these two downdraft prep stations and had them built by Spray King to our specifications.

These two Spraybake high-tech downdraft baking paint booths can turn out record numbers of jobs--year in, year out.

Gus Paulos Chevrolet Body Shop
West Valley City, Utah

Limited space for this 1993 installation presented challenges. Air make-up system for the Spraybake water bath paint booth (right) was placed on the other side of the wall from the booth. No shoe horn required!
(Right top and bottom) One Spraybake prep station was installed across the back of the shop, with another perpendicular to it on the left. Just enough space to drive a car between them for booth access.

Ken's Auto Body Shop
Spanish Fork, Utah

This "oldies" shop--installed in 1992--is just wide enough to accommodate a booth and a prep station.
(Right top and bottom) Views of the operation. Workers can exit out the side of the prep station through the door in the back of the building.

(Below) Spraybake downdraft booth with water bath filtration.

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