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 Past Projects: Oldies But Goodies
 Body shops built 10 or more years ago and still going strong

University Collision
Provo, Utah

In 2010 this shop was forced to move due to a city redevelopment project.
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(Above)The project included the relocation of an existing Spraybake ADDvantage III dry filtered booth. A new prep station was added, along with ventilation for the mix room.
This interior view of the prep station shows the custom converted prep canopy. Curtains on both ends are coated with a removable film for easy cleaning.

Advanced Body
and Paint

West Valley City, Utah

After waiting 12 years to buy a high-end booth, the shop owner was delighted to get this much booth within his budget.

This Spray Tech booth (right) comes standard 27'10" L X 14' W X 9' H, with a rockwool insulated, powder coated cabin, 18 4-tube lights with high polished aluminum reflectors, VFD, heat recirculation, bake cycle, auto pressure control and a double-wide downdraft pit. Due to limited ceiling clearance, the pit was recessed extra deep to accomodate the booth.

(Above) Heavy duty tri-fold doors with big windows are another standard feature.

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(Below) No need to have an electrician wire this control panel, which comes prewired to plug in with CAT 5 Cable.

(Below) The space-saving Spray Tech air make-up unit is narrower--and quieter--than others on the market, making it a comfortable fit in most shops.

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Dent Master
of Salt Lake
(now Valley Collision)

Salt Lake City, Utah

As part of a large-scale 2008 remodel, this busy shop's entire painting operation was given a high-tech update.
The booth on the right was converted from a crossdraft to a semi-downdraft booth, and the length was extended by three feet. A Spray Tech/Mercury one million BTU heated air makeup was installed over the booth.

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(Right) The semi-downdraft booth conversion was done by removing door filters and adding a filtered plenum to the ceiling.

(Above) The upgrade to the booth on the left included a mix room, a variable frequency drive and two additional light fixtures.

Brent Stephens
Auto Body
Ogden, Utah

This shop had outgrown its facility and worn out its original booth. A new addition features two powder-coated, energy-saving drive-through booths. The result: a very attractive and efficient collision repair facility.
A "Widelux" photo by John McCarthy Photography shows the two Kayco booths with AbsolutAire air make-up systems and a mix room in between. Use of a variable frequency drive on the exhaust saves energy. The system recirculates up to 80% of the booth's heat during the cure cycle.

Kayco booths come standard with double-wide exhaust pits for superior air movement, while lights mounted down the center of the ceiling provide optimum visibility for spraying.

Unique Auto Body
South Jordan, Utah

This newly constructed facility was completed in summer 2005. It is the second location for Unique and our first USI Italia Chronotech installation. (Below) Each of the two booths integrates two 15 hp turbines with variable frequency drives capable of 21,500 CFM, a direct fired burner, a programmable logic controller (PLC) and proprietary software. In independent tests, the Chronotech cycled 35% faster and used about half as much energy to operate as traditional booths.

(Above) A look at the inside of one of the booths, which offers plenty of space to paint cars and pickups. (Below) The heated air make-up systems are mounted between the two booths behind the mix room.

Mark Miller Collision Repair Center
Salt Lake City, Utah

Completed in June 2003, this is a successful dealer body shop expansion. Besides adding shop space, new offices for staff and insurance associates were included. (Center) This Nova Verta Super Prestige spray booth will handle crew cab trucks with "dually" wheels. It recycles up to 90% of the heat.
(Center below) The Nova Verta Triple Prep Station's closed top open face (CTOF) design allows for unlimited spraying and baking. Small jobs can be moved through without disrupting work flow in the rest of the operation.
(Right top and center)Two Atlas Copco rotary screw compressors will last longer in this well-ventilated compressor room. Pictured here is the turbine that powers the Eurovac central vacuum system. With drops at each body man's work station, it removes and stores sanding dust, resulting in a cleaner, healthier work environment.

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The Brewco Legend 360-degree frame rack has robotic hydraulic pinch weld clamps to correct all types of damage.

Maaco Auto Painting & Body
Layton, Utah

Newly constructed in October 2003, this high volume shop is a second location for the owner.

(Right) Seen from inside, the Color Cure booths offer the option of two separate spray areas or curing ovens--or one long work area for big vehicles.
(Below) This double-side downdraft Color Cure spray booth is actually two booths placed end to end for a 52-foot booth--the longest automotive booth we've built.
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(Below)The Atlas Copco rotary screw compressor provides plenty of air for this busy shop.

Central Collision Center
Salt Lake City, Utah

This 1999 project (formerly John Mecham Collision Repair Center) still stands as one of the premier shops in the Intermountain West. (Top center) The parts storage mezzanine with fork lift access gate saves space and eliminates clutter on the shop floor.

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(Below)The "Prep Tunnel" was custom designed and built for the first time at this location. Curtain walls and downdraft technology allow technicians to work on many jobs simultaneously, improving cycle time.

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This Western "environmental" model of in-ground hoist features an above-ground storage tank that requires less than three gallons of oil.

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This jambing booth makes parts painting and small jobs a breeze--and improves productivity.
No paint booth bottleneck in this shop! With drive-through design, these two Spraybake high-tech, downdraft baking paint booths allow vehicles to come in through the Prep Tunnel and out the door fast.
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The size and capability of this operation are evident in this side view of the booths, Prep Tunnel and shop work areas.

Ogden High School
Ogden, Utah

The school district consolidated its auto shop programs and asked us to move all equipment from Ben Lomond High to Ogden High School. Half the re-allocated space became a mechanical shop, with the other area devoted to body and paint classes.

(Below) Shop air is provided by an Atlas Copco rotary screw air compressor.

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(Above) Shop layout: On the right, behind the Goff's curtain wall with integrated view lens, is the welding area. Paint booth lies toward the rear. Curtained wash bay and prep area with sanding station are on the left.

(Above) Side view of the Nova Verta booth with Herkules paint gun washer.
(Below) RSB sanding station with Goff's curtain wall.
(Below) A Eurovac dustless sander near the booth area provides cleaner paint jobs and a healthier work environment.
(Center) View of control panel and Martech Grade "D" breathing air purefier for the painter's spraying hoods in the booth.

(Below) Brewco Body Builder frame rack provides 360-degree access. Students learn computerized measuring on a Chief Vector system.

Jack Harris Painting and Autobody
Kaysville, Utah

Easily spotted from northbound I-15, this shop was built to handle RVs, racing trailers and trucks.

(Right) In this side view of the 53-foot long Nova Verta truck booth, notice the dual heated air make-ups--one at each end. The mix room is in the middle, with one exhaust filter chamber to the left and two to the right.
(Below) Inside the truck booth, curtain walls can be closed for two pickups or left open for a motor home or trailer.

A closer look at one of the heated air make-up systems, which recycle 90% of the heat at 25% air flow in the insulated booth--incredible energy savings!

Legend Collision Repair
Spanish Fork, Utah

The owners partnered with The Mike Rudert Group for every phase of this project, including business planning, loan packaging, the steel building, construction coordination and the equipment.

This is a Nova Verta "Raptor" drive-through booth with six-tube light fixtures and a water floor.
The versatile Brewco 360-degree frame rack was supplied with a Wolf computerized measuring system.
An attached mix room provides access to the inside of the booth. On the other side of the mix room, a pit was poured and covered with a lightweight cap--ready for a future additional booth.

Jerry Seiner Chevrolet Body Shop
Salt Lake City, Utah

Our second complete high-tech paint shop installation in 1990 included some custom work.
We designed these two downdraft prep stations and had them built by Spray King to our specifications.

These two Spraybake high-tech downdraft baking paint booths can turn out record numbers of jobs--year in, year out.

Gus Paulos Chevrolet Body Shop
(now Salt Lake Valley Chevrolet)

West Valley City, Utah

Limited space for this 1993 installation presented challenges. Air make-up system for the Spraybake water bath paint booth (right) was placed on the other side of the wall from the booth. No shoe horn required!
(Right top and bottom) One Spraybake prep station was installed across the back of the shop, with another perpendicular to it on the left. Just enough space to drive a car between them for booth access.

Ken's Auto Body Shop
Spanish Fork, Utah

This "oldies" shop--installed in 1992--is just wide enough to accommodate a booth and a prep station.
(Right top and bottom) Views of the operation. Workers can exit out the side of the prep station through the door in the back of the building.

(Below) Spraybake downdraft booth with water bath filtration.

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