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 Past Projects: Truck and RV Paint Booths

Camping World
Kaysville, Utah

This iconic Utah RV store is now part of Camping World's rapidly growing dealer network. In 2011, we supplied Freedom Mobile RV Prep Stations for 30 nationwide Camping World locations, including Blaine Jensen's.
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(Above) The mobile prep station provides maximum flexibility and conserves space in the collision repair shop. Curtains are drawn up to the side of the RV to be painted, creating an enclosed work space. Overspray is captured efficiently for a clean shop and to comply with federal environmental regulations.
The mobile prep station is easy to move whether curtains are open or closed. Curtains are coated with a removable film for easy cleaning.

Ace Disposal
West Valley City, Utah

The company moved its operation in 2009 to its state-of-the-art Technology Drive facility. The project included a number of "firsts," both in the service shop and the "can" shop, where garbage trucks and dumpsters are manufactured and refurbished.

(Below) Two Thermo-Cycler thermo-rotation heaters are the first installations in the West that use internal hot water coils instead of heat exchangers--a plus for this dust-laden environment. The units tie into the building's geothermal in-floor heating system. Strategic Thermo-Cycler placement minimizes heat recovery time when outside doors are opened and keeps temperatures uniform throughout the shop.

(Below) The Clark Air revolver is used to destratify heated air while removing sanding dust and smoke emitted from the flux core wire welding operation. It does all this without exhausting expensive heated air out of the building!

(Below) In the service shop, a Mattei Optima 30 h.p. rotary vane compressor provides quiet, reliable air supply. The variable speed, variable output feature ensures energy efficiency. Also pictured here is the building's geothermal heating system--the first of its kind in West Valley City. Note the air lines here. They were run using the Pro-Press fitting system. Installation is much quicker and more secure than with traditional methods.

(Below) The Rohner truck booth is 44'L x 16'W x 16'H and is another first: It's a drive-through cross-draft pressurized booth with 80% heat recirculation for maximum energy savings. In the past, only much more expensive booths were available with that technology.

(Below) The booth's attached mix room, with enclosed workbench, is accessed through convenient man-doors.
(Bottom) Despite its high-tech features, the booth's control panel is sleek and simple to operate.

(Above) The can shop's air requirements are efficiently met with a Mattei Optima 15 h.p. rotary vane compressor and 400 gallon tank, also with variable speed and variable output. Note the air dryer here--wall mounted to conserve floor space.

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(Above) The beefy Rohner booth makes it possible to save space by mounting the Hastings air make-up unit (AMU) on the booth's ceiling. It is this high-tech AMU that makes heat recirculation--and energy savings--possible.

(Below) A look at the inside of the truck booth. Note that the back of this drive-through paint area is actually a roll-up door leading outside the building. This makes for clean booth lines and saves both space and costs.

C. R. England Trucking
West Valley City, Utah

In 2008 the company undertook a facility expansion that included the installation of the largest truck booth in six states. Growth was driven by demand: One of the largest refrigerated fleets in the country has some 4500 off-lease trucks in need of refurbishing--in addition to trucks requiring collision repair.

(Below) Note the two Hastings make-up air units with electrical soft start feature. Four VFD controlled exhaust fans drop air speed by 50% during the cure cycle and recycle 80% of heated air to achieve energy savings.

(Above) Two Rohner drive-through galvanized paint booths were installed end to end for a total length of 130 feet. The 20-foot width and 16-foot height allow ample room for painting semi trucks.
(Below) This insulated coiling door serves as the building's outside door as well as the door to the truck booth.

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(Above) An attached paint mix room adds convenience, while a Belair compressed air dryer and Martech breathing air system ensure clean, dry air in the booth. Note the dual booth control panel.

(Below) This long booth is really two booths with a folding divider. Air flows and breathing air hoses are engineered to allow painting of either two or four trucks at one time.

Premier Truck Group
Salt Lake City, Utah

The dealership is the headquarters for Warner Truck Center. This 2014 project solved the need for added painting capacity.
(Right) Parts and small repairs on semi-trucks can be painted without tying up the paint booth.

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(Above) A Freedom side downdraft drive-through prep station moves a high volume of air without the need for a heater, gas line or roof penetration. Carbon filter technolocy makes it possible.

(Below) Controls for the variable frequency drive can be set to reduce air flow and conserve energy during drying.

Kenworth Sales Company
West Valley City, Utah

This truck dealership moved and built its new location in 2007.

A Spray Tech drive-through booth with a pit for downdraft air flow was installed in the new body shop. The inside set of powder coated bi-fold booth doors are pictured here.

A convenient roll-up door provides entry directly into the booth from outside the building.

The mix room door and man door are powder coated with full-length windows for exceptional visibility.
The booth is heated by a 3.3 million BTU Spray Tech/Mercury air make-up system. A variable frequency drive reduces the booth air flow by 50% during the cure cycle. In addition, it recycles 80% of the heated air during curing for remarkable energy savings.

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Generous inside booth dimensions allow room to work on big trucks-49 ft long by 18 ft wide by 16 ft high.

Camping World
Draper, Utah

Part of the Freedom Roads/Camping World nationwide network, this new dealership was built in 2006 and includes sales, service, detailing and collision repair facilities to serve the fast-growing RV market.

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(Above) The cornerstone of the collision repair shop is a well-lit Spray Tech truck booth, full downdraft with a total of 48 light fixtures.

(Right) Booth dimensions are 56 ft long by 18 ft wide by 16 ft high--big enough to handle the largest RVs with slide-outs and leave plenty of work space.

(Above) The two skirted air make-up systems give a sleek look to the installation.

Other project components include this generous mix room (right) and a variable frequency drive to help balance the booth's air flow and save energy during the cure cycle. Two Mattei rotary vane air compressors were installed to serve the whole dealer facility.

(Below) A view of the booth's entrance with bi-fold doors.

Idaho Falls Peterbilt
Idaho Falls, Idaho

In October 2006 a new body shop was added onto this premier truck dealership. The existing service department had "compressor envy" and had us retrofit a Mattei rotary vane unit for them, too.
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A Spray Tech downdraft drive-through truck booth 16 ft x 42 ft x 16 ft was installed, complete with recirculating heat and a variable frequency drive for energy savings. (Below) The dual air make-up system and ductwork are impressive, too.

We designed and installed a total air package, including this Martech fresh air breathing system.

An attached mix room meets all building and fire codes and provides instant access into the booth.

Further energy savings are achieved with this Mattei 15 hp rotary vane air compressor. The final element for a perfect air system is a BelAir compressed air dryer.

Wasatch Abrasive Blasting
Salt Lake City, Utah

This remodeling project, completed in 2004, presented the challenge of installing a large truck booth in limited space. A compliance package prepared by TOMIAC Consulting, Inc. helped convince building officials and fire marshalls that the set-up would work.

(Above and below) A 45-foot truck booth was stretched to 16'W x 16'H x 55' Long. New lights were added to brighten the interior.

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(Above) A 14-foot roll-up door on the booth doubles as the exterior building door. Note the roof-mounted heated air make-up system. (Below) The adjacent bay and the outside booth wall were painted white to enhance the shop's work space.

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