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Take These Ten Steps to Create the Perfect Shop
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The Mike Rudert Group® companies exist for only one reason: to help you Create the Perfect Shop. Whether you're building, expanding, adding new equipment or maintaining what you have, one of our companies has services that are right for you.

Ten Services to Help You
Create the Perfect Shop

      Conceptualization and pre-planning

      Design and budgeting

      Equipment selection
            Automotive and commercial spray booths
            Lifts, compressors, other shop equipment

      Financing: resources and referrals

      Pre-construction planning and final design

      Permit applications and reviews by governing authority

      Construction and project management

      Equipment Installation.

      Customer review and project sign-off

      Investment protection: maintenance and repair.

      Certified Lift Inspection.

What is the missing link?

Creating the perfect shop is an evolving process, not just a one-time shot. We work every day on developing shops--an activity that our customers may do only once in a lifetime. The earlier you get us involved, the better we can help avoid costly mistakes, maximize profits and create a shop where it's a pleasure to work.

Yes, you need other professionals--architects, bankers and accountants--but we add the missing link! As a General Contractor, we work with other service providers and subcontractors while watching out for your interests to bring your project in on time and on budget.

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Companies to help you create the perfect shop.
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