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Your source for automotive, truck and industrial paint booths!
      High-tech, downdraft spray booths        Shortwave infrared curing systems
  Heated air make-up systems      Paint booth conversions
  Traditional and mobile Prep Stations        Custom paint booths
  Paint mix rooms   Energy-efficient heaters for shop, factory or warehouse     
  EPA "6H" compliance solutions   Powder coating systems     
  Dust control booths   Air revolvers     

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Adding a paint shop to a new or existing facility isn't just an equipment installation--it's a construction project. Don't take chances with someone who isn't an expert! We're famous for our customized projects for shops of every size.

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Our customers choose us to handle their projects start to finish. Professional Automotive Equipment, part of the Mike Rudert Group, is a licensed general contractor. We can provide roofers, plumbers, electricians and concrete contractors, or we can work with your subcontractors for optimal resutls with:
  • Shop space, including clearances on top and sides, for installation and ongoing maintenance
  • Need for underground pit or raised floor
  • Zoning, fire code and building code compliance
  • Need for underground pit or raised floor
  • Air flows, filtration and lighting
  • Work flows to and from metal work and prep areas, street and parking
  • Parts painting vs. complete paint jobs
  • Local temperature and weather patterns
  • Your budget-not just for the equipment purchase-but also maintenance and energy costs

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