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  Energy Cost Savings

Gone are the days of inexpensive energy supplies. Today, gas and electrical costs are a major factor in profitability. Innovative equipment like the products featured below can help reduce consumption by the three biggest "Energy Hogs." What are they?

  Heat in buildings, especially those with open spaces and high ceilings

   Paint spraying and curing

  Compressed air
What is Thermo Rotation®?
Thermo-Cycler's trademarked Thermo Rotation® system is an energy efficient air turnover method for heating large, open building areas. You'll be amazed at the comfortable, uniform temperatures and very low energy costs. Thermo Rotation® Systems are designed for energy efficient recovery of all internal "waste" heat gains from lights, motors, and air compressors as well as any solar heat gains. By distributing waste heat at the level where employees are working instead of leaving it trapped at the ceiling, Thermo Rotation® Systems do not use purchased fuel until all waste heat gains have been used. The result? Phenomenal savings! Documented case studies available upon request.
Want cleaner shop air and lower energy costs?

Clark Air Systems are the solution to ever-tightening health and safety standards and energy costs. A case study of one welding shop demonstrated that the Clark Air system installation paid for it self with energy savings over the old exhaust system in just under two years. In an independent study conducted prior to and shortly after installation, air monitoring showed an almost 40% reduction in airborne particulate matter. Air Revolvers provide constant air rotation while removing particulates from the air. The heat normally trapped at the ceiling or exhausted to the outside is recycled to acheive an even temperature throughout the plant. Get details and a plan for your shop by contacting us today.


Painting and Curing: What is the "magic box" that saves you money?


Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology is so beneficial to spray paint enregy usage and operation that it's rare to do a paint boooth/heater installation without it. A VFD allows the user to change the speed of the exhaust fan. This reduces energy consumption and allows control of the booth's air pressure. VFDs are available as a built in option when the heater is ordered, or we can retrofit virtually any existing air make-up system in your shop.

We tell customers to expect a reduction in electrical consumption up to 30% by installing a Mattei rotary vane variable speed air compressor. Customers tell us that they can't believe how quiet these compressors are--a nice bonus. Mattei allows you to 'PAY 4 USE' by selecting the most economical operating mode. With Continuous Operation, you get continual intake valve modulation during peak periods, but the intake valve closes--using less power--when air demand is low. The Automatic Operation mode works on a time delay that allows the compressor to cycle on/off when air demand is light. The motor restarts only whenever air is needed.

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