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Our Services include:

Utah B-100 Licensed General Contractor
Number 11328767-5501
Idaho Contractor Number RCE-18482
 Project Planning and Construction
 Subcontractor Management
 Code Compliance and Permit Applications

 Certified Lift Inspection
 Turn-Key Installation
 Paint Booth & Compressor Maintenance

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2442 South 1560 West, Building 1, Woods Cross, Utah 84087
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Our technicians are certified by the Rocky Mountain Gas Association (RMGA) to work on gas burners. In addition, our company is an approved contractor with IS Networld (ISN), and we're covered by liability and workers' compensation insurance. Remember to request proof of coverage from us--or anyone who comes to work at your site.

The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) launched the first ever Certified Lift Inspector Program in 2012.
Because lift safety is as important to us as it is to our customers, Professional Automotive Equipment is proud to be a program participant.
Our lift inspector will take care of your annual inspections and provide an sticker and documentation for all makes, models and styles of lifts in your shop.

Be prepared for visits by insurance auditors and OSHA inspectors
by getting your lifts inspected now!

Attention Utah Public Entities: Refer to statewide cooperative contract #PD2774 "Lift Inspection, Service and Repair" for pricing and details.

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We install all equipment sold through any of The Mike Rudert Group companies, including paint booths, vehicle lifts, air compressors and more. Our goal is to bring your project in on time, on budget and in compliance with safety regulations and local building and fire codes.

Money saving tip: All "TURN-KEY" projects are not created equal!

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We respond promptly to "911" calls-when your whole operation is shut down due to an equipment failure. For customers who use our scheduled maintenance programs, we dispatch the next available technician in the following cases:

A lift or hoist is stuck in the "up" position and won't come down-and your customer's car is on it.
Your paint booth is completely down.
Your air compressor (and therefore all shop air) is down.

We offer scheduled maintenance for air compressors and paint booths. Consistent maintenance helps ensure that you never have to make a "911" call! Our maintenance programs are outlined below.

The air compressor is the single most neglected piece of equipment in any automotive or industrial shop! Yet air supply is critical to nearly every function-without it, you're out of business. Scheduled maintenance will help prolong the life of your air compressor and reduce the probability of costly, inconvenient breakdowns. We work on all makes and models of air compressors except rotary screw units. The following services are performed as part of our preventive maintenance program:
  • Change crankcase oil
  • Replace air filter elements
  • Drain air receiver
  • Check automatic controls
  • Check safety valves
  • Check belt wear and tension
  • Check and tighten bolts
  • Blow off and clean compressor unit
  • Measure amp draw of motor
  • Report needed parts/repairs to management!

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Regular booth maintenance can identify problems before they develop. A clean booth runs at optimal capacity, turns out cleaner paint jobs and reduces buffing and cycle time.

Here's a list of recommended services you should expect from your maintenance company. We hope you'll choose us to provide them on a regular schedule or whenever needed.
Replace (as applicable):
  • Booth filters
  • Air filters
  • Air hoses
  • Chemicals
  • Light bulbs

    Clean (as applicable):
  • Pit
  • Floor and floor grates
  • Exhaust tank
  • Exhaust filters
  • Exhaust fan housing
  • Exhaust fan blades
  • Glass in light fixtures
  • Pressure wash Inside walls
  • Top of booth
  • Burner Tune-up:
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Replace ignitors
  • Clean ignitors
  • Adjust pilot and flame to mfr's specs

  • Motor amp check
  • Limit switch check
  • Frequency Drive (clean)

  • Flap cams and ram
  • Motor grease fittings

  • Adjust doors
  • Check intake fan belt tension
  • Calibrate pressure gauge
  • Prepare written report
  • Apply booth guard (slime)
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