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The Mike Rudert Group® companies exist for only one reason: to help you Create the Perfect Shop. Whether you're building, expanding, adding new equipment or maintaining what you have, one of our companies has services that are right for you.

BoothSource Services
  Identify and supply the right equipment for your
    application--not just the brand we're supposed to sell.

         Painting and curing
         Media blasting
         Dust control
         Powder coating

      Develop proven energy-saving strategies

      Ensure compliance with applicable building and fire codes.

Professional Automotive Equipment Services
  Provide General Contractor services from pre-planning to project signoff.

  Install equipment in compliance with codes, manufacturer specifications and industry standards

  Protect your investment with scheduled maintenance and repair.

  Promote safety with annual vehicle lift inspection by our ALI Certified Lift Inspector

What is the missing link?

Creating the perfect shop is an evolving process, not just a one-time shot. We work every day on developing shops--an activity that our customers may do only once in a lifetime. The earlier you get us involved, the better we can help avoid costly mistakes, maximize profits and create a shop where it's a pleasure to work.

Yes, you need other professionals--architects, bankers and accountants--but we add the missing link! As a General Contractor, we work with other service providers and subcontractors while watching out for your interests to bring your project in on time and on budget.

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Companies to help you create the perfect shop.
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